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Service Offerings

We are your outsourced HR Department

What is HRO?

The acronym HRO stands for "Human Resources Outsourcing," which simply means it's
an independent company that provides some or all HR needs for a business or organization. 

Outsourcing your HR needs helps to free up precious time. 

• Outsourcing Can Improve Employee Relations and Streamline Hiring
• Outsourcing is a Hassle-Free Way to Update Your Employee Handbook
• Outsourcing Can Provide Training and Professional Development

1. Recruiting

Attract Aces (employees) who will thrive in their position to propel your business and enhance profits. We can help you post open positions, send job offers, and more!

5. Compensation

Attract Aces (employees) who will thrive in their position and drive your business to enhance your profits.

2. Compliance

It is vital that you have a plan that protects your company from fines and litigation. We can help you maintain all files in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

6. Hiring

Navigate the muddy waters of hiring new employees with our expertise at your side to streamline the process.

3. Benefits

Keep your Aces (employees) in  their places by establishing a comprehensive employee benefits package. 

4. Performance Management

Maintain expectations and improve overall employee productivity by managing their performance.

7. Documentation Management

Keeping appropriate records is essential and required by law. We can help protect your company from frivolous litigation, and inspire employee productivity.

8. Employee Separation

When it's time for an employee to leave a business, it can be a risky time. We can help regulate the impact it causes. 

Not sure where to start?

We can help you discover the heart of your organization's
pain and promise points with a
FREE HR Pulse Evaluation. 

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Are you in need of HR support not listed above?
We offer customized services. Let's chat today!

Tips of the Trade


Don’t forget to put yourself in your employees’ shoes. 


Meet with your employees often enough that they are not afraid when you invite them to your office.


Open enrollment season will give you a headache — give yourself grace.


HR is an art form and not something every manager, CEO, Executive Director can perform alone.

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