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We Put Aces in their Places

Hope Advising Services offers a wellspring of resources, one being a helping hand for businesses to put an "Ace" in every open job position. How do we do it? We take the time to coach your team on how to navigate the muddy waters of finding the right candidate for a job. You can also put your trust in us to select a candidate on your behalf if needed, along with many other HR Solutions.


No matter what resources you require, with Hope Advising Services by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your business will grow stronger than ever before.


Our Team


Valerie McKain, SHRM-CP

Valerie McKain is an HR guru who works with small businesses and non-profits to help them realize and achieve their human resources goals. she believes every business, no matter if there are 2 or 100 employees, should have HR expertise and support.


Valerie has worked alongside many local non-profits, established small businesses, and newly started companies to help ensure their employees have the richest employment experience they can have. Valerie takes an empathetic approach to HR; she has the ability to take a step back and look at employee viewpoints at all levels, from CEO to associate.

Valerie is a Society for Human Resource Management, certified professional (SHRM-CP), and is well versed in all facets of HR, some of which include, people development, talent acquisition, employee engagement, benefits administration, and risk mitigation/compliance.


Valerie holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, two adorable pups, and attending as many concerts as she can each year! 


Anne-Marie Stedge

Operations Specialist

Anne-Marie is a seasoned professional passionate about cultivating thriving workplaces for small businesses through effective Human Resources strategies. With a diverse background spanning Medical Equipment sales, entrepreneurship in the salon industry, and a commitment to financial literacy education, she brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the realm of HR.


Her journey began in her family's small business, followed by a dynamic stint in Medical Equipment sales where she honed her skills in building meaningful customer relationships. Transitioning into salon ownership provided transformative lessons in team dynamics, leadership, and fostering positive workplace cultures.


Anne-Marie's dedication to community and education led her to collaborate with Junior Achievement, teaching children about financial literacy. This experience deepened her understanding of the importance of employee development and growth in shaping future professionals.


Now, as a founder of Hope Advising’s HR Solutions, Anne-Marie is committed to providing tailored HR services that empower small businesses to build strong, cohesive teams. From recruitment to training and development, she is dedicated to guiding businesses towards success, creating workplaces where teams not only survive but thrive.


Kelsey Rutledge

Human Resources Generalist

Meet Kelsey, our HR Business Partner with a flair for turning HR magic into workplace wonders! From navigating HR intricacies with finesse to infusing a dose of humor into our daily grind, her goal is to create an environment where each team member not only excels, but enjoys the journey.


Whether it’s talent acquisition, employee relations, or policy navigation, Kelsey implements a people-first approach. She is passionate about weaving technology innovation into the fabric of HR practices and streamlining our clients processes. 


Kelsey graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Indiana University. She has 10+ years of experience working with organizations in the nonprofit and education sectors.


Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and doing renovation projects. 


TJ Potchka

Marketing/Human Resources Coordinator

🎨 Creative Visionary: Despite his background, TJ brings a burst of creativity to our team. His time as a Personal Banker at STAR Financial Bank may not seem like an obvious creative outlet, but TJ sees the artistry in financial finesse. His ability to find innovative solutions showcases a creative spirit that is a valuable asset.

🌟 Dedication Personified: Transitioning from the sandwich scene to the banking world, TJ's dedication has been a constant. As the General Manager at Jimmy John's, he mastered the art of dedication to ensure the perfect customer experience. Now, at Hope Advising, that dedication is focused on delivering top-notch HR and marketing coordination.

🔄 Consistency Champion: TJ's consistency is his superpower. Whether managing a team at a sandwich shop or handling financial matters at the bank, his commitment to consistency ensures that tasks are completed with precision and reliability. Proving to be an asset for us, and for you. 

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